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A Northern Arizona University graduate with over 20 years of tourism and hospitality experience.
Having traveled to over 60 countries, not only did I develop an immense passion for travel, but exploring
new cultures and locations taught me how important it is to communicate as well as keeping an open mind.
I am seeking a position as a entry level developer. Having changed gears to tackle a more challenging role,
I invested in myself by enrolling in a 6 month full-stack developer bootcamp, where I am learning and
applying several programs and applications, including; HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, GIT, Node.js,
React and Express. The culmination of these skills will allow me to be an effective developer, having
experience with multiple systems and programs. Some of my other skills and assets include being fluent in
English/Spanish, experience with Microsoft Office and extensive customer service training. I am self-motivated,
hardworking and honest and hope to find a position within a company that will allow me the opportunity to
share my skills as well as develop new ones.

Contact Me:

Paulo Alzaga

Phone: 480-330-2194